How to Get a Minority-Owned Certification with NMSDC

23 January 2017
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If you are a minority and a small-business owner, then you could benefit from getting a minority-owned certification. Corporations, state agencies, and the federal government want to do business with minority business owners. They understand this partnership will grow and sustain the economy. Corporations also get more funding by supporting minority businesses. The Department of Transportation is one of those government agencies that requires recipients of its funding to award a percentage of it contracts to minority-owned businesses. Read More 

Why Crystal Awards Are Ideal For Honoring Top Employees

12 January 2017
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If you're looking for an award to give your top employees to honor their accomplishments and show your appreciation for their hard work, then crystal is a good choice. When you shop for crystal awards, you may notice that acrylic and glass awards look similar, but are less expensive. That's because, while they are suitable for their own purposes, they aren't ideal as executive awards. Here is why crystal is superior. Read More 

Three Unusual Places To Find Scrap Metal To Sell

14 November 2016
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Selling scrap metal can be a lucrative time investment for many people. If you've decided to give it a try, the key is to find all of the places where scrap metal can hide. Here's a look at what you should know about some of the many places where you can find scrap metal to sell. Local Storage Facilities And Auctions Check in with the managers of your local storage facilities. Read More 

Moving Across Country: Planning, Packing, and Finding the Right Moving Company

10 November 2016
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When you have to move long distances, there are a number of things you can take care of to make your transition easier. From figuring out whether you will drive across the country or ship your vehicle instead, planning for a cross-country move takes time. As you begin planning, finding a reputable moving company to bring your belongings from one home to another is essential. Once you have your movers in place, you can get your things organized, packed, and ready to move to your next location. Read More 

Impressing Guests With Your Banquet Set-Up

19 October 2016
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If you are a hotel restaurant manager, and your facility just started on-site catering services for guests and community members, you will most likely want to go out of your way to present food choices in a positive way in an attempt to gain subsequent event bookings via word of mouth. The banquet stations should be neat, clean, and enticing to those attending so guests are apt to walk over to see what selections are being offered. Read More