A Look At The Biggest Commercial Sign Blunders Professional Busines Owners Tend To Make

17 November 2015
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It is no big secret that the signs that you have directing customers to your place of business are important. However, when you own and operate a professional service office space, whether it is in the medical industry, telecommunications, or otherwise, signage takes a completely different turn. You have to be careful that the signs that you have offer an upstanding appearance that is directly reflective of your services. It is all too easy to make huge mistakes with your signage when you are going for the most professional signage appearance possible. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes professional business owners tend to make with their commercial signs.

Mistake: Not making sure your signage is the right color scheme.

Why? Colors directly indicate specific industry types, even though most consumers don't even realize this fact. For example, if you spot a sign that is bold and bright in primary colors of red, blue, and yellow, you are likely to assume that the business associated has something to do with children. Therefore, make sure that the color scheme you choose for your own sign is one that will reflect your business appropriately. Think about the unspoken connotations of specific color choices and try to closely adhere to these ideas during the design process.

Mistake: Not taking other signage in the business district into consideration.

Why? You may want your sign to stand out, but if your professional office space is located in the business district of your location, it is always best if you coordinate somewhat with the rest of the business signs in the area. A sign that is too off-beat or out of sync with the signs of everyone else may not send the best impressions, and may make it look like you are trying too hard to gain attention. Therefore, take a visual assessment of the signs in the neighborhood, paying careful attention to their sizes and colors, and try to design a sign that fits in well.

You may think that when it comes to signs, all you really have to do is add a message, install, and wait for the clients to come to your door. However, the wrong sign can be a big deal--especially when you have high-end or professional services to offer. It is a good idea to consult with a design expert from a commercial signage firm to get the most functional and appropriate signs for your professional business.