How Can Custom Stickers Enhance Your Wedding Day?

28 April 2016
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Your wedding day may be one of the most important days of your life, so it's only natural that you should want to personalize the event. Customized stickers are among the best tools at your disposal for this task. If you're not aware of the various ways that custom stickers can enhance your wedding day, the following suggestions will help.

Spirits Labels

What better way to celebrate your wedding than with commemorative wine bottles? Simply purchase wine bottles filled with whatever wine of your choice, then apply a label of your own design. There's a lot of information that you can put on your wine label, like the date of your wedding, a stylized drawing of your wedding flowers, a line from your favorite poem, or even pictures of you and your spouse to be. You can get as creative as you want--just don't forget to clearly label the contents of the bottle (especially if there will be children at your big event).

Coaster Decorations

Decorate the coasters at each place setting with a personalized sticker that encourages your guests to drink and be merry. To ensure that your coaster stickers will remain in place throughout the event, order stickers made of waterproof vinyl.

Custom Favor Tags and Favor Labels

Use favor tags, decorated with personalized stickers, to decorate the boxes or baggies that hold your wedding favors. You can get the most use out of your stickers by applying these same stickers to the wedding favors themselves. For example, if the boxes that contain your wedding favors are decorated with little heart decals, you can use those same decals to decorate any wrapped candies and little prizes for your wedding party.

Wall and Floor Decals

Decorate your dance floor with personalized wall and floor decals that have been marked with your initials. If the decal is large enough, include a beautiful graphic that has relevance for your wedding day (like a drawn heart or flowers). Put one floor decal in the center of your dance floor, in the exact spot where you and your spouse will have your first dance.

Return Address Labels

You may be sending out tens or even hundreds of invitations in the months before your wedding day. Make that job easier by purchasing beautifully decorated return address labels. Don't forget to match the colors of the return address labels to the envelope that will contain the invitations, and the color of the invitations themselves.

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