Ideas To Personalize An Outdoor Cremation Service That Is Being Held Near A Lake

31 July 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you are planning to hold outdoor cremation services near a lake for your grandparent, consider adding the following ideas to the service to help personalize it and memorialize your grandparent in a positive manner.

Balloon Release

Order balloons that have your grandparent's picture and a brief statement that describes their life and some of your fondest memories printed on each one. Either rent or purchase a helium tank to use in order to fill the balloons. Set up a portable table to place your loved one's urn on. Invite the guests to surround the table prior to handing each one a balloon.

Encourage attendees to speak about your grandparent or recite a prayer if they would like to. Afterwards, direct everyone to release the balloons at the same time. They will fill the sky and add beauty to it. Think about your grandparent as you watch the balloons drift away and comfort yourself by knowing that your family member is not suffering any longer.

Fireworks Or Memorial Lantern Display

Purchase some fireworks or memorial lanterns to create a beautiful light display in honor of your grandparent near the end of the cremation ceremony. If you wish to scatter your grandparent's ashes, purchase fireworks or lanterns that have a small amount of your loved one's ashes added to each of them. Instruct guests to sit several feet away from where the fireworks or lanterns will be lit.

Stand in an open area that is not close to tree limbs, dry debris, or any other material that could catch on fire. If you are not comfortable lighting the items, make arrangements before the cremation ceremony to have an individual with experience provide their assistance. 

Floating Candle Holders And Candles

Purchase floating candle holders and candles from a business that designs and sells memorial items. You can choose to have your grandparent's name, picture, or a description added to each holder. Floating holders and candles are biodegradable and will not harm the environment in any way. Hand one holder and candle to each guest.

After reciting a statement on behalf of your deceased grandparent, light the candles and allow everyone to choose a spot in the lake where they would like to release the one that they have been given. The candles and holders will slowly drift through the water and will add beautiful and subtle lighting to the water.