3 Woodworking Projects To Start Selling And Making Extra Cash With Your Hobby

21 September 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you like to do woodworking projects as a hobby, you may want to consider selling some of your creations to make extra cash and support your hobby. There are many areas of creative woodworking that you can choose for your ventures, such as making art with wood, turning, and creating small wood furniture pieces. If you want to turn your hobby into something that pays you back, here are a few small projects that you may want to consider doing:

1. Creating Living Works Of Art Using Materials With Live Edges

If you like the natural look of wood, doing projects with live edges can be a lot of fun. You can contact a lumber supplier and talk with them about getting materials with live edges. Sometimes, large, old growth materials may be milled in slabs for use in woodworking. There are also scrap materials that can sometimes be bought from mills, which are the leftovers from the milling process and may come in bundles. These materials can be a great resource for projects with live edges.

2. Giving Your Wood Projects Something Special With Turned Objects

Woodworking projects can also involve creating pieces with round shapes. If you want to create smaller art, you may want to consider things like turning bowls, beads, and pins. These projects can be fun and of all sizes, from the largest bowls and vases to something as small as a bead for necklaces. If you want to start turning wood with a lathe, talk with a lumber supplier about getting wood planks for wood turning. You may even want to try making a baseball bat for something interesting to get started.

3. Creating Small Furniture Creations For Indoors And Outdoors

There are also many different furniture projects for all types of carpenter skill levels. If you are new to woodworking, you may want to start with outdoor furniture, like deck chairs and picnic tables, which can be easy to build. With experience, you can move to some more complicated projects like creating jewelry boxes and other fine furnishings to sell. As you gain more tools and experience, you can try some more difficult projects like bandsaw boxes and furniture that utilizes shapes of wood.

Repeating some of these projects can turn your hobby into something profitable. If you need materials for some of your projects, contact a business connections service to help start your business selling woodworking arts and crafts.