3 Ways You Can Become An Online Entrepreneur

26 September 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


According to business studies, 52 percent of businesses today are based out of the home. This is proof that there is plenty of opportunity when it comes to starting an online business. If you have considered starting an online business but are not sure of which avenues might be the most profitable for you, read on and consider these three options. 

#1: Write And Sell Your Own E-Books

In terms of an online, work-from-home business that has tremendously low overhead costs, e-books fit the bill. People today are always on their mobile devices, to the point that they would rather read content on a device than pick up a hard copy of an actual book or magazine. The dwindling circulation and revenue of newspapers and magazines all over the country is further evidence of this. Because of this, e-books have emerged as a platform that allow anyone with gripping, value giving content to become an author. If you have information that can help people or stories that can entertain them, you can begin making money from home by publishing your own e-books. There are also many sites that allow you to self-publish, so that you can earn royalties on these e-books and build a large stream of residual income. 

#2: Sell Items Online

Since so many people now choose to do their shopping online, you can become a producer rather than a consumer by providing merchandise for people to buy. There are a lot of ways you can go about this, including retail arbitrage, creating and selling your own products and drop shipping products to consumers. This is one of the oldest business models, but the online marketplace has changed the landscape and rejuvenated it in a way that can be very lucrative for a work at home entrepreneur. 

#3: Become An Online Personality

If you have something to say, internet browsers are dying to listen. People are watching vlogs, reading blogs and following online personalities today to the point that it has become a legitimate business model. There are numerous ways to monetize this approach, including ad space, merchandise and funnels that lead people to pay for services that you offer. When your brand grows, the sky is the limit, as you may be able to turn it into speaking engagement opportunities and other exciting ventures. 

Now is the time to explore the exciting world of online home business opportunity. So if you'd like to build a business from the comfort of your home, these three are excellent ways to get started.