A Job Placement Agency May Be Perfect For Personal Trainers Seeking Solid Employment

28 September 2016
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Even with several reputable certifications, personal trainers can have a tough time finding a job that pays well and offers benefits. Searching on one's own can be difficult, and the process of cold calling and sending out resumes to nameless human resource screeners is often frustrating. Unfortunately, on paper, many personal trainer resumes and backgrounds look and sound alike. Working with a job placement agency, however, may lead to a fitness professional finally landing a solid, well-paying job.

The Wider Perspective

Personal trainers generally think in a narrow scope. They focus on their past performance in helping clients lose weight. They also stress their credentials in the fitness world. Competing in powerlifting definitely is impressive to potential clients. Trainers do not always look at the bigger picture and miss out on presenting other traits the hiring authority may be looking for. A professional at a job placement agency sees things from a different angle and may aid in stressing additional attractive characteristics such as:

Stress Marketing Skills

Personal training at "big box" gyms is often about sales. The high overhead required to run a gym franchise means personal trainers also have to promote supplements and other products. A personal trainer who also has good marketing and sales skills is someone major gyms are surely going to be interested in. A job placement professional is apt to highlight sales skills when pitching a trainer to a major gym.

Handle Customer Service Issues

Clients may have complaints and, as the first line of interaction with them, the personal trainer should be able to assist. Even if the trainer cannot directly handle the matter, he/she should be able to guide the client to the right resolution. A customer service-oriented trainer is not going to tell a client he/she doesn't handle billing matters and then leave the person hanging. Job placement agencies are going to effectively stress any customer service experience the personal trainer has to make sure the gym knows it would be hiring the right person.

Work With Any Clients

Training an athletic person who easily grasps the basics of exercise science is not as difficult as training an uncoordinated, non-athletic person. Businesses that hire a personal trainer want to be sure he/she can work with anyone. The advice and consent of a job placement agency should satisfy the gym's concerns.

Personal training can be a lucrative career when placed in the right gym. Working with a career placement agency may be the best way for fitness professionals to land that previously elusive perfect job. For more information, contact local professionals like Career Personnel.