How Often Should You Pump Your Septic Tank?

3 October 2016
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Many homeowners have questions about when they should call a pump system service for their septic tank. Some people may say pump your tank every one or two years. Others may say pump it every couple of months, especially after having a lot of house guests.

Your septic tank has to be serviced to remove the solid sludge that collects at the bottom and to remove the grease floating around the top. Grease and sludge can cause a foul odor when allowed to just sit.

It can be costly for homeowners to not know the right time to pump their septic tanks. Not pumping enough can lead to costly repairs and early drainfield failure. On the other hand, if you clean the tank too often, then you are wasting money. However, this is still cheaper than the cost of a new drainfield. 

What Is Your Tank Size?

Tank size is one of the factors that determine how frequent you should pump. The septic tank size you need depends on family size, number of bedrooms, water saving fixtures used, and the home's square footage. For example, a 900-gallon septic tank is the minimum size for a three-bedroom house or less in Pennsylvania.

What Is Your Family Size?

The size of your family is another thing to consider when it comes to how fast your septic tank fills up. Homes with teenagers and small children have a lot more solids that go into their septic tank and use more water. Homes with the elderly and empty nesters have smaller amounts of solids and use less water. Your septic tank can fill up quick when a lot of people are using it as well.

How Much Of Your Wastewater Is Solid?

A septic tank's purpose is to separate wastewater from solids and to break down as much solid material as possible. At the same time, the tank has to allow the liquid to get to the drainfield. If you have a lot of solid waste going in your tank, then it is going to fill up quicker. Examples of solid wastes are grit, sand, and plastic bits. It is hard for the system to break down these things. They have to be pumped out.

The frequency that you should pump your tank depends on tank size, family size, and the amount of solid waste. It is recommended to pump out your tank every one to three years. Septic systems tend to last longer when pumped on regular basis.

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