3 New Options To Consider When Planning A Funeral Or Final Arrangements For A Unique Person

4 October 2016
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When a friend or loved one has unexpectedly passed away, it is all too easy to fall in line with expected funeral practices. However, if the person you are planning for was unique or unusual in life, it is important to know that you have options other than the common and expected arrangements after death. When you want to make the funeral as unique as the person who needs it, it is a good idea to be aware of the information provided below.

#1-Water Cremation

While standard cremation has become increasingly popular in recent years, the option of water cremation is new enough that many people are now familiar with it. Also known as bio-cremation and alkaline hydrolysis, this new option uses water and a mixture containing potassium chloride. That mixture combines with pressure and an oven set to a relatively low 350 degrees to aid in the breakdown of the body.

One advantage of water cremation includes the lower temperature that is used, standard cremation usually requires a minimum of 1400 degrees. In addition, it is also important to point out that bio-cremation is more environmentally friendly due to the fact that its use results in reduced amounts of carbon dioxide and pollutants than a standard cremation would.

#2-Interactive Headstones

If the person you are mourning was known for being a user of the newest and most impressive technological developments in life, you may find that an interactive headstone is the best way to carry on their memory after death. This cutting-edge headstone features QR codes, which is short for Quick Response codes, that can be scanned by a smartphone.

Those codes allow the user to access a pre-determined obituary that is provided online for each QR code that is scanned. Videos, photos, and statements provided by friends and family members of the person in question can be accessed.

#3-Remembering The Deceased By Giving Their Cremated Remains A Reef

Although the option is unlikely to appeal to everyone, the memorial reef is a unique option for anyone who felt very connected to the planet, the outdoors, or water. It works by placing the cremated remains in a specially designed reef at a pre-screened spot in the ocean that will provide maximum benefit to the delicate environment.

You will have the option of including a few small remembrances with the ashes. You and others interested can also choose to be present at the time that the reef is placed into the water.

In conclusion, planning a funeral is typically the last and best opportunity for the friends and family members of the deceased to join together and celebrate the life of the person who has recently passed away. When you want the final arrangements of a special person to be as special as he or she was in life, it will be helpful to consider the options listed above. Contact a funeral home like Hitzeman Funeral Home, Ltd for more information.