Moving Across Country: Planning, Packing, and Finding the Right Moving Company

10 November 2016
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When you have to move long distances, there are a number of things you can take care of to make your transition easier. From figuring out whether you will drive across the country or ship your vehicle instead, planning for a cross-country move takes time. As you begin planning, finding a reputable moving company to bring your belongings from one home to another is essential. Once you have your movers in place, you can get your things organized, packed, and ready to move to your next location. Setting up utilities at your new home, forwarding your mail, and even getting a few groceries delivered can make moving across the country just a little easier on you.

Plan Your Move to Make It Easier

About six weeks before your move, it's time to start gathering together your important documents. Birth certificates, car registrations, insurance information, and any other policies you may have should all be kept with you during the move. You will need to pack any small valuables that you own and keep your most important documents and valuables with you throughout the move. Plan to have your current utilities shut off when you move and your new ones turned on prior to your arrival.

Packing Your Belongings

As you pack for your cross-country move, you will need to take a good look at the stuff you are actually moving. Now is the time to get rid of items that are trash, things you don't use anymore, and things you no longer need. A cross-country move is the perfect time to purge your life of unnecessary items so that movers only move what is essential to you and your family. You will save money on moving costs when you have less stuff to move.

Label Boxes Carefully

A cross-country move takes time, and you will forget what is in certain boxes if they aren't labeled correctly. The items that are most important to you, such as a coffee maker or dishes to eat off of, should be carefully labeled so that you open and unpack these boxes first. When items are fragile, make sure that the box is labeled this way to avoid damage to your belongings due to improper handling.

When you are ready for your move across the country, you will have less stress when you move. Planning, packing, and finding the right moving company will make all the difference. Talk to companies like Midwest Moving & Storage, Inc. to find a company that's good for you.