Why You Want To Know More About Whole Wagyu Beef Cattle For Sale

8 June 2020
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If you've never had the pleasure of experiencing this amazing flavor for yourself, you may not understand the appeal of whole Wagyu beef. However, those who have experienced the flavor understand completely. Wagyu refers to beef from Japanese cows. It is most famous for its exceptional flavor related to its impressive marbling.

Read on if you're interested in buying whole Wagyu beef cattle for sale. 

What Is Wagyu Beef?

The more you understand about the Wagyu beef breeds, the better-informed decisions you can make when seeking out whole Wagyu beef cattle for sale. These cattle are bred for endurance as their intramuscular fat cells are what creates the marbling that gives this beef its superior flavor and exceptional tenderness.

Wagyu is a horned breed of cattle that is either red (which is often referred to as Japanese brown) or black in coloring. Some Wagyu beef breeds are available in other countries, including America, while other breeds are only available in Japan.

What Sets Wagyu Beef Apart?

When you find whole Wagyu beef cattle for sale, you will notice that they are far more expensive than most Western cows. They are the most expensive beef on the market today. Not only is this beef famous for the marbling and flavor mentioned above, but also for exceptional tenderness and heart health benefits (it is known to lower LDL cholesterol while raising HDL cholesterol).

How Do You Know You're Getting the Real Deal?

For many people, a cow is a cow. They may come in different sizes and shapes or have different colors. For the most part, though, a cow looks like a cow. It makes it a little difficult for people unfamiliar with whole Wagyu beef cattle for sale to tell the difference.

Fortunately, the American Wagyu Association and others like it, requires DNA verification and registration of Wagyu cattle so buyers can do so with confidence that they are getting cattle worthy of the hefty price tags associated with Wagyu beef cattle.

People decide to consume Wagyu beef for different reasons. Some are seeking impeccable flavor. Other people are in search of better health. Both groups of people find plenty to appreciate about Wagyu beef.

Finding whole Wagyu beef cattle for sale can help ensure you get outstanding variety, peak flavor, and access to the finest beef you'll find anywhere else in the world. Learn more by contacting companies like FOLEY RANCH.