4 Different Types Of Promotional Calendars To Create For Your Business

28 July 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you want to create a promotional product that people will use all year long, you should consider creating a promotional calendar for your business.

When it comes to promotional products, calendars are a clear winner, as most people who hang a promotional calendar up in their home or place of business is going to look at and engage with that calendar on a daily basis, allowing you to generate hundreds of impressions related to your brand over the course of a year. There are many kinds of promotional calendars you can create.

Type #1: Quote of the Day Calendar

If you want to ensure that people interact with your calendar daily, create a quote of the day calendar. These desktop calendars include the day, month, year, and day of the week, as well as a graphic with a quote for each day of the year. The user must tear off the previous day to see the quote for the new day, requiring one to interact with the calendar on a daily basis. You can put your business's name or logo in the corner of the calendar.

Type #2: Interactive Calendar

An interactive calendar, at first glance, looks like a regular 12-month calendar. However, the calendar has an interactive element. You could add a QR code that users could scan to access an informational or entertaining video tied to each month.

Or you could associate your calendar with an app that allows users to scan a picture, which opens a video in the app. The video could be a how-to project, something informational, or something entertaining.

Type #3: Laminated Yearly Calendar

Many people enjoy having a calendar that shows the entire year all at once. That way, they have something they can quickly look at when scheduling and planning events throughout the year. A laminated yearly calendar adds to the functionality of a yearly calendar.

As the calendar is laminated, a dry erase marker can be used to make marks that can be easily erased off the calendar. You can put your business name and logo across the top of the calendar.

Type #4: Magnetic Calendar

You could also make a magnetic calendar. With a magnetic calendar, you could make a year-at-a-glance calendar, with a mini-calendar of the entire year on it. Or you could have a calendar that just lists the holidays for the year or a magnetic calendar that lists important events for your business.

With a promotional calendar, you want to pick a design that will be functional for your target audience. You want your calendar to be something they will use on a daily basis. Carefully consider your target audience when designing your promotional calendar.

To learn some more about imprinted promotional calendars, feel free to reach out to promotional calendar manufacturers to learn more.