The Easiest Way To Dispose Of Your Construction Waste

28 May 2021
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Construction sites use up a lot of material, which is why many people commissioning these projects will buy more than they need, just in case something goes wrong. After all, you would rather have too many supplies rather than too few, and that is exactly what many construction sites end up with when everything is done: too many supplies. In addition to these leftover materials that can't be used, you also likely have broken parts, dead machines, scraps of concrete and rubble, and many other bits and pieces of junk. That is where roll-off containers can come in handy.

What Are Roll-Off Containers?

Roll-off containers have been used for a long time and are basically just a specially fitted out dumpster that easily sits on the back of a truck designed to carry it. When it needs to come off so you can put waste into it or when it dumps its load at the landfill, it simply rolls off the back, hence the name. Roll-off containers are better for construction because they are more transportable with heavier items in it, the kind of heavy items you find at a construction site. They are also cheaper and more mobile than regular dumpsters.

Can You Put Anything In Your Roll-Off Containers?

Roll-off containers are built very sturdily, but there are still some restrictions on what you can and cannot put in them, as there are with all garbage collection services. For example, you cannot put any toxic chemicals or paint in almost all roll-off containers because you would damage the interior or simply cover it in a color the owner doesn't like. You generally cannot put any sort of food or organic waste in them either, just because that is not really in the same industry as what roll-off containers are built for. The easiest way to find out for sure? Call them up and ask; they will be happy to give a list as to what you can and cannot throw out in a roll-off container.

Why Not Just Dump It Yourself?

You probably have a bit of heavy machinery that could transport some or all of your waste somewhere, so why not just do it yourself? Well, the answer is twofold. First of all, these heavy-duty waste items are going to scratch, chip, smother, and bend most containers they are put in on any sort of long trip. They are not secured, so they will smash around and probably cause a lot of damage to your truck. Secondly, many land fill sites have special relationships with garbage disposal companies that they don't have with you, so they might not even let you tip your waste out, or they could charge you a higher fee.   

Reach out to a local roll-off container provider to learn more.