The Use Of Fire Door Gap Fillers Within A Medical Facility

24 March 2022
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Medical buildings require the use of fire-rated doors. Door policies used to be lenient in comparison to the upgraded policies that are currently enforced. Because a medical facility needs to be compliant with state regulations, it may be essential to upgrade a series of older doors that contain a gap along the top, side, or bottom.

Fire-Rated Products And Cost Variables

Aluminum and steel are common materials that are used to construct fire-rated doors. These materials can withstand the heat from flames and provide an impenetrable surface that smoke won't enter. Doors contain hinges and hardware that can interfere with the manner in which a door seals off a space. Older doors may contain a prominent gap along one or more sides.

This gap is often wide enough to allow air and light to filter through. A fire-rated door is a specialized product that costs much more than a standard door or one that is made out of wood or another material that is not resistant to fires. Replacing a series of doors could cost thousands of dollars. Because a medical facility's budget may not allow for the replacement of doors, gap fillers are a solution that will allow the same doors to be used within a facility.

Insurance Mandates And Filler Usage

Medicaid is a federally-funded insurance program that has a stringent list of rules that healthcare providers must abide by. The fire safety requirements that this type of medical program requires will be in line with fire safety regulations that are upheld in various regions. If a medical provider fails to upgrade doors that contain gaps, they could lose their contract with a medical program and could be faced with stiff penalties.

Fire door gap fillers are universal products that are deemed acceptable nationwide. Fillers are often made out of fire-rated materials that are similar to the ones that are used to construct doors. The addition of a gap filler will not detract from the functionality or appearance of a door.

A seamless surface can be attained, by using hardware to anchor a filler along each surface that contains a gap. Door gap fillers contain smooth edges that will not scratch flooring or casings that surround a door. The hardware that is used to install a filler will need to lay flush with the surface of the door. All of the materials needed to install a filler will be supplied with the products that are designed for use with a particular door style and size.

For more information, contact a fire door gap filler supplier in your area.