Keeping Your Laundromat Equipment In Good Shape

30 March 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you run your own small laundromat then you may find people aren't taking as good of care of the equipment as you would like. This can lead to you dealing with a lot of damages to the equipment, either from vandalism or misuse. If this is the case, then you want to implement some strategies to protect your equipment from this negative behavior.

Install security cameras.

One of the biggest things you can do to protect your investment is to install video cameras in the laundromat. Not only will this let people know that they are being monitored, but it will also help you to prosecute anyone who vandalizes the machines or tries to steal out of them. You want to install enough cameras that all of the machines are being monitored by them. Put a sign on the door to the establishment letting everyone know the place is being monitored by cameras before they even enter.

Don't stay open around the clock.

While keeping the laundromat open around the clock may be very convenient for those who work certain hours, it also makes it more likely that the place will become a hangout for people who have nowhere else to go, or who are looking for a place to do bad things where they won't be caught in public. You may want to monitor the place for a few weeks to see if and when the bad elements start making their way into the laundromat, then make your closing time an hour before their normal arrival.

Consider offering a fluff and fold service.

If you have someone in the laundromat who is taking care of the fluff and fold service, then they will also be able to keep an eye out on the equipment. A fluff and fold service is one where people drop their laundry off, it gets done for them, and then they pick it up all clean and folded. You can hire someone to perform this service, or simply charge someone a rental fee and allow them to run their own side business using your equipment.

Following these tips should make it easier for you to keep your laundromat equipment from getting damaged by people who either come in planning to vandalize or steal, or those who want to mistreat the equipment by being too rough on it. Talk with a local laundromat equipment supplier for more info about taking care of your machines.