Everyone Needs to Take a Moment to Read These Important Smoke Detector Reminders

7 October 2016
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When was the last time you thought about how safe your home is from fire damage? A small fire can spread quickly and cause property damage, injury, and death. One of the best measures of protection against fire damage is a smoke detector. Perhaps you have smoke detectors installed in your home, but you still may not be safe. The following are a few points pertaining to smoke detectors that can aid in ensuring that your property and family are protected. 

Number and Location 

If you are only relying on one or two smoke detectors, chances are you do not have enough of these safety devices installed in your home. The devices need to be spread throughout your home. Aim to have one device in each bedroom, each hall area, near the kitchen, near the furnace, and on each floor of your home. 


If you have had your smoke detectors for 10 or more years, then it is time to replace them. Perhaps you do not remember when they were purchased. It would be a good idea to go ahead and make plans to replace them as soon as possible. You can write the date of the newly installed smoke detectors down and keep the information in a safe place. Writing the date on the actual device is also an option. If you choose a professional installation, they will notify you when it is time to change them again. 


You may have the wrong type of smoke detectors in your home. For example, if you or other family members are heavy sleepers or have hearing difficulties, you might not hear a beeping sound from a traditional smoke detector. A model that uses a human voice to warn of smoke or one that blares a loud alarm might be safer for these situations. You should also strongly consider getting a few dual smoke detectors that also monitor deadly carbon monoxide to protect your family from it. 

Power Source

If you rely on batteries only for your smoke detectors, it is important to remember when to change the batteries. Some people prefer professional installations for this reason. Professionals can schedule maintenance appointments to ensure that your smoke detectors are always working. You can also check the batteries once a month on the same day of the month. The best option would be investing in smoke detectors that run on electricity. These models would only use the battery power during an electrical outage. 

For more information about smoke detectors and how to make sure they are adequate protection for your home, talk to a company like GMW Fire Protection.