Impressing Guests With Your Banquet Set-Up

19 October 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you are a hotel restaurant manager, and your facility just started on-site catering services for guests and community members, you will most likely want to go out of your way to present food choices in a positive way in an attempt to gain subsequent event bookings via word of mouth. The banquet stations should be neat, clean, and enticing to those attending so guests are apt to walk over to see what selections are being offered. Here are some ideas you can use to dress up your banquet serving stations in a desirable manner in an attempt to impress those attending functions at your hotel's restaurant.

Forgo Linens And Opt For A Sleek Table Top

Instead of using linens on your banquet tables, consider purchasing metal table toppers for each station instead. These provide attractive surfaces to set food choices upon and will be sure to grab the attention of those in the vicinity with their polished shine. Should someone spill something on a metal banquet table topper, the spill can be wiped away by a staff member with a piece of cloth instead of having to deal with an unsightly stain in the middle of the table throughout the remainder of the event.

Add Color Around Stations To Match Themes

Instead of having to match linens to the color scheme of a wedding or party, a metal top can be adorned with colorful faux flowers along the edges of the table surface. Linens can be attached to table fronts and sides to hide any shelving underneath the stations if desired. This can be done by installing small hooks around the bottom of the base of the table topper and adding small loops to the long edge of a table-cloth. The colored panel can be hung with ease and swapped just as quickly should a theme change be necessary.

Use Signs To Indicate Food Choices

It is important that guests know what types of foods are being offered so they can make appropriate choices in what they would like to eat. Those with allergies will appreciate having food labels placed in front of each selection so they can skip those choices and move on to others. Consider using colored markers to write out signs so they match the rest of the themed colors. This can be done by an employee with exceptionally neat handwriting.

Make sure wording is written large enough for those to view while they are a few feet away in line to make their food choices. This will help them decide what they will take when it is their turn, keeping the line moving at a constant rate so guests do not need to wait for excessive times. Place the signs in small picture frames so they can propped in an upright position for easy readability. With a metal topper, there is no risk of signs tipping from an accidental pull on a table-cloth.