Three Unusual Places To Find Scrap Metal To Sell

14 November 2016
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Selling scrap metal can be a lucrative time investment for many people. If you've decided to give it a try, the key is to find all of the places where scrap metal can hide. Here's a look at what you should know about some of the many places where you can find scrap metal to sell.

Local Storage Facilities And Auctions

Check in with the managers of your local storage facilities. Many times, things are left behind when a renter abandons or evacuates a unit. You can offer to clear out the items left behind free of charge in exchange for the right to dispose of it as you see fit. That way, you dispose of the things you cannot use and then sell any scrap metal you might find. For example, bicycles, tools, home appliances, and automotive parts all have metal components you can sell.

While you're addressing storage units, talk with your local storage auction buyers. Auction buyers often take only items of value from a storage unit before disposing of the rest. Offer to help with disposal. If you handle the disposal for them, it saves them time and effort while giving you the opportunity to get any scrap metal from the contents.

Local Farms

If you live in an area with farm property, you can often find lots of scrap metal. Talk with the property owner to see if there's an area where they dump old equipment, broken down tractors or other items. You may be able to pull scrap from those areas to help dispose of it. You'll often find metal fencing, automotive parts, farm machinery, and many other things you can sell for scrap metal.

Shooting Range

This is one many people don't think of. Shooting ranges are often littered with spent brass shell casings. If your scrap metal buyer will take contaminated brass from spent shells, talk with your local shooting range about the possibility of cleaning up those shells either before opening or after closing every few days.

Most shooting ranges will willingly accept offers to collect the brass. It keeps the range clean, saves them the time and manpower cost of doing it themselves, AND they don't have to try to dispose of it.

These are three lesser-known ways to find scrap metal that you can sell. Talk with a local scrap metal buyer, such as Big Daddy Scrap, about other places you can look. The more proactive you are about finding those metal sources, the more profit you'll turn out.