How About Requesting A Super-Heroic Hand-Drawn Greeting Card?

6 July 2020
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Greeting cards let people know you are thinking about them. When a birthday, anniversary, or congratulations card arrives in a mailbox, the recipient could feel quite appreciative. Sending a card that connects strongly delivers an even more beneficial result. Is there a friend or family member that loves old-time comic books? Maybe sending a hand-drawn greeting card that mimics the classic artwork would be a nice touch. Such a unique, custom card shows you put much thought into things. The extra thought could translate into equally extra appreciation. 

What Does the Recipient Enjoy?

"Comic book art" involves a massive array of different genres and styles. The intended recipient likely has a favorite art style, and that is the one you want to replicate on the card. 1950s horror comics, 1960s traditional superheroes, and 1970s surreal black-and-white magazine art reflect only a small portion of the styles and eras. With the right handcrafting of the artwork, all methods could be replicated on a hand-drawn greeting card. Be sure to find out what your friend or relative likes the most. A little research boosts the possible impact of the card.  

Giving the Artist Some Insights

Original artwork comes off as more impacting when it strikes the right tone. When creating a custom card, make sure the artist has the best insights into what appeals to the recipient. Provide the artist with research material revealing the specific comic book preferences of the intended person. Saying he or she liked a particular superhero doesn't say much. providing specifics about the favorite publication years, storylines, writers, artists, and more gives the card's artist a lot to work with.

Humor Counts

Recreating the look and artistic style of classic comic books isn't enough. Adding a little humor to the mix further drives the upbeat nature of the card home. Coming up with a fun catchphrase or saying and weaving it into the content is a standard greeting card trope. Saying something like, "Have a SUPER birthday," or, "Enjoy a HEROIC retirement," can bring a smile to someone's face. Putting such wordings inside the card with additional original artwork can do wonders.

Review the Concepts

Try to commission the original greeting card as far in advance as possible. This way, you can review concept art, text content, and other aspects in advance. Planning out the creation of a hand-drawn greeting card increases the chances the result looks great and delivers the right message.